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Meet our breast surgeon, Dr Jesse Hu!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Dr Jesse Hu's blog on being a cancer doctor

I thought this was the perfect post to start the blog.

Usually at parties when people ask me about my job, my answer will be “I’m a doctor” and when they start asking for specifics, I’ll say that I’m a breast surgeon.

That’s when the conversation starts to get more interesting.

The questions usually start with “Oh! Do you make breasts bigger?”

Me: “Erm.. not exactly. Usually that’s the job of a plastic surgeon. They put implants to make normal breasts bigger, which is called breast augmentation because you augment the shape/size of the breasts. However, I do offer my patients with breast cancer to upsize”


Sometimes for the fun of it I add a little pause for effect.

Me: “Yes. Some patients with breast cancer and choose to have total breast removal and reconstruction are given the options to make their breasts to their desired size. I do have patients who choose to do that. I call that making lemonade out of lemons.”

“Oh I see, so you only work with patients with breast cancer?”

Me: “No, I usually work with patients with breast cancer, breast pain, breast lump or breastfeeding problems. Basically anything to do with the breasts”

“I thought oncologists deal with breast cancer”

Me: “Hmm.. yes & no. They are called medical oncologists. So they prescribe medication such as chemotherapy to shrink the cancer or to reduce the risk of cancer coming back. While I am a surgical oncologist. I perform surgery to remove the cancer.”

“Breastfeeding problems too? I thought that’s done by the gynaecologist.”

Me: “Yes and no. Gynaecologists perform breast examinations and give breastfeeding advice as part of pregnancy management but they do not perform surgery on the breasts.”

In fact, the title breast surgeon is a bit of a misnomer since most patients I see do not need surgery but some guidance through their breast pain or breast lumps.

That's where I see myself, and I hope to be able to help more women have the peace of mind knowing that their health is in safe hands! Drop me a message and I'd love to have a chat!

~ Jesse

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