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Insurance Policy

We offer the option for some procedures to be claimable via Medisave and/or private insurance policies.


For Singaporeans & Permanent Residents

Medisave is a beneficial savings program established by Singapore law to support individuals who have contributed to the Central Provident Fund (CPF). It enables employed individuals to allocate a portion of their earnings towards covering their own or their approved dependents' hospitalisation, inpatient treatment, and day surgery expenses. 

In Singapore, authorised healthcare facilities have the capability to electronically submit applications for the approval of Medisave utilisation, allowing it to cover a portion of the charges associated with these medical services. The specific amount that can be claimed through MediSave depends on the type of procedure performed and the duration of the hospital stay.


To determine the maximum Medisave claimable, do get in touch with us.

Breast Cancer Insurance Coverage

Medishield & Private Insurance

Use of Medisave for outpatient bills:
This is limited to specific chronic medical conditions and certain medications. Do get in touch with us to check if your procedures can be paid using Medisave.

Medishield Life
Medishield Life is a basic health insurance plan, administered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, to defray the cost of large hospital bills. It is sized for subsidised treatment in
public hospitals and pegged at B2/C-type wards.

Will I be eligible for use of Medishield Life if I’m a private patient?
If you choose to stay in an A/B1-type ward or in a private hospital, you are still covered by MediShield Life. However, it will likely cover only a limited portion of the cost. The balance will need to be covered either by Medisave, Integrated Shield Plan or Cash.

Integrated Shield Plans
An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is an insurance plan that rides on top of MediShield Life to provide additional coverage for Class B1 or A wards and private hospitalisation. Our clinic works with all major insurance by providing pre-operative counselling and procedure guide for holders of Integrated Shield Plans with:

Great Eastern
NTUC Income

However, do check with your respective insurers on the claiming procedure.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans.
These includes corporate plans provided directly by major insurance companies or those that work through Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Most corporate plans provide coverage for accidents, medical conditions, surgeries and day procedures including dental.

As an employee in Singapore, it is important to find out about your corporate plan from your employer and company HR to understand the extent of coverage. There are many different plans and the level of coverage also differs even if the name of the plan sounds similar. Generally, the coverage of these plans are more limited when compared to IP.

MediFund helps needy Singaporeans pay their medical bills. This is a safety net that is created by the Government. This can only be used in restructured hospitals and national specialty centres in Singapore and cannot be used for patients whom visit private hospitals.

For Foreigners
If you are a foreigner or a citizen with an insurance plan that covers you internationally, do contact your insurer for a letter of Guarantee, and direct billing arrangements made by the insurer.

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