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My loved one has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer... what should I do?

Updated: Aug 29

5 Ways to Support a Loved One Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Being a pillar of support for a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer can feel overwhelming. This article provides practical advice to make their journey a little less daunting.

Breast Cancer Support for your loved ones
Breast Cancer Support

1. Understand Their Condition

First, educate yourself. Understand the details of their form of breast cancer, the treatment options available, and the side effects they might experience. This knowledge will not only arm you with helpful information, but also reassure your loved one that they have a companion who understands their journey.

2. Be There for Them Emotionally

On receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, many people experience a whirlwind of intense emotions - fear, anger, sadness. Be there for them in these turbulent times. Listen intently, acknowledge their feelings without judgment, and assure them that it's okay to feel the way they do.

3. Help with Day-to-Day Tasks

Cancer treatments can take a toll on the everyday lives of patients. They might need help with routine tasks like picking up groceries, running errands, or cooking meals. Volunteering your assistance can significantly ease their burden.

4. Accompany Them to Doctor's Appointments

Going to appointments can be a source of anxiety for many cancer patients, especially early on when they're still getting accustomed to their treatment plan. Offering to go with them can provide emotional support and also give you the opportunity to help keep track of important medical information.

5. Encourage a Supportive Network

Your efforts alone, while significant, might not be enough. Encourage your loved one to reach out to other family members and friends, or connect with cancer support groups, either offline or online. The more sources of support they have, the better they can deal with their diagnosis.

The Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation has a support group that you can meet with to journey with you and your loved ones through recovery.

Remember, your patience, understanding, and acceptance can provide immense tranquility in your loved one's life as they navigate through their breast cancer journey.

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