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Will My Breasts Ever Be the Same After Breast Cancer Surgery?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Breast cancer is a difficult subject, but understanding how to better support our loved ones begins with open conversations. In this blog post, we'll explore one woman's journey through breast cancer surgery that I had the privilege to serve!

Breast surgery is often daunting, but I always believe that I have a duty to empower women to brave this often terrifying journey and to prioritize their health.

Journey to Breast Cancer Recovery
Women's Health

Fear of Perception and Putting Off Surgery

Anna (name changed to protect privacy) was one of my patients who put off breast cancer surgery due to the immense fear of how her body would be perceived by her husband and loved ones. She struggled with these anxieties, contemplating whether her life after surgery would make her feel inferior or less attractive.

Like Anna, many women encounter these worries when dealing with a potential breast cancer surgery. As surgeons and medical staff, it's essential to empathize with these concerns and guide patients through the decision-making process with a gentle, understanding hand.

Will My Breasts Ever Be the Same After Breast Cancer Surgery?

I took the time to listen patiently to Anna's concerns, and after numerous conversations, she finally agreed to undergo breast cancer surgery. Much of her reluctance stemmed from uncertainty about the outcome, a common response I see in my patients. Once properly informed of the various procedures and options available, Anna felt more empowered to prioritize her health and make a decision.

Oncoplastic Surgery: A Saving Grace

Anna's surgery went smoothly. After removing the cancerous tissue, Dr. Hu performed an oncoplastic breast surgery to preserve the natural shape and appearance of her breast. Oncoplastic surgery is a specialized technique combining the best of two disciplines—breast-conderving surgery and plastic surgery. This procedure strives to ensure optimal cosmetic outcomes while effectively treating cancer.

Living a Better, Healthier, and Happier life: A Story of Empowerment

Post-surgery, Anna's fears quickly dissipated. Her husband, friends, and family surrounded her with the love and support she needed. The oncoplastic surgery helped Anna regain her confidence, while also marking the beginning of her cancer-free journey.

Put Your Health First

Anna's story is a crucial reminder that prioritizing one's health is non-negotiable. It's absolutely essential for women facing the prospect of breast cancer surgery to explore available options, such as oncoplastic surgery, and understand that it's possible to preserve the shape and appearance of their breasts. Remember well-informed decisions are powerful decisions.

Together with my exceptional team, I am dedicated to helping women like Anna by offering personalized care and guidance throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and post-surgery process.

Share this story with your friend or loved one who needs to hear it, and let's empower and support women to prioritize their health in the face of cancer without fear!

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